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Test Photo


[1] “Time Magazine Cover: The Pill,” April 7, 1967,16641,19670407,00.html.

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I feel I have learned a lot throughout the semester. I definitely feel more comfortable with the Chicago style of citation, which will be very helpful as I continue taking classes in the history major. I am a lot more aware of the variety of sources that are available when doing historical research. Prior to this class most of the sources I used came from the internet and I never needed more than ten so there was no reason to look elsewhere. Additionally, my note taking skills have definitely improved. For the first time in writing a research paper, I actually kept organized notes in zotero (which is pretty amazing, by the way) instead of having endless posted notes scattered throughout books. Overall, I really enjoyed this class and feel much more prepared now that I know what to expect in 485, though the decision on a new topic will probably still be difficult.

So, what do I wish I had known before this class? It may have been useful to have an idea of what this class was before I took it, and then I could have started thinking of a topic ahead of time. All I really knew when I signed up for the class was that it was something I had to take, so I should probably get it over with. Other than that, I don’t think there is anything else that would have been helpful to know ahead of time because the whole point of the class was to introduce us to what historians do and what is available and useful in conducting significant research. If we had known more going into the class then it seems that would defeat the whole purpose.

Well, it was fun getting to know everyone! Good luck in 485,


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practice, practice, practice…

Well I guess I am one of the only ones left to do the speech. I went to the speaking center today to practice, and I’m sure I will be practicing many more times before tomorrow. It will feel very good to be done soon. I also made copies today for my handout and have a couple things left to work on, but hopefully it will all be good by tomorrow. I hear it may snow, I hope it doesn’t in some way put off my presentation, I’d really like to be done with it now. Congrats to everyone who’s done already, they have all been great! and very interesting. See you tomorrow,


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2nd to last.

So we’re in our second to last week of classes and we are very close to being fully done with our research projects. I think the presentations so far have been very interesting and I look forward to hearing the rest. My presentation isn’t until next Wednesday so I should have plenty of time to prepare, but also more time to worry about it. It seems like power point is the popular visual aid but I think I’ll be going with a handout to help clarify some background information. I’m also trying to make another appointment with the speaking center to get in some more practice before the final presentation.
Also, our final papers are due on Friday so good luck to everyone with putting the final touches on those! See you all on Friday.


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Digital Media.

I don’t have too much experience in looking for speeches or pictures pertaining to my research on the web. For this research paper, as well as most of them in the past, the majority of my sources have been from documents, both primary and secondary. I thought it was helpful to read the Information-Literate historian because it provided a lot of good suggestions on how and where to look for these types of sources. Since I don’t have much experience with this and don’t have anything of my own to suggest, I’ll post a couple of the websites that seem like they will be useful to me in the future that were suggested by the readings. For more about this topic, see Professor McClurken’s web log.

Images from from British History 

Photographs and motion pictures from US history 

Television News Archive 

Moving Image Archive 


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Post of the week- take two.

So, I finished reading the article on eyewitness testimony the other day. Some of it was kind of cut off but you could still get the basic ideas. I think this was a good article because it makes you more aware of how unreliable or how potentially unrealistic someone’s retelling of an event can be. This is important to know for this class, because a lot of what we are working with in our papers are primary sources. Depending on the primary source, it’s important to remember the perspective this is coming from and to consider how far away it is written from the event it is describing in order to evaluate the legitimacy of it. For example, if it is a diary entry from a soldier recounting an event with the opposing side, if it is written a week later it’s probably going to be a little less accurate. These are just a few of my thoughts about the article in relation to this class, hopefully I’m somewhat on track.

Moving on to the research paper, I think I’m fairly well paced, I have my draft and end/content notes and the bibliography. I just need to go over it and see where else I can add and make sure its a decent draft. Our ten minute presentations are fast approaching, I really hope I don’t have to go on the first day because I’d like to get my draft back before I have to plan a speech on it, but I’m guessing we’re all hoping that. So good luck to everyone, as we’re coming around the home stretch!


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post of the week.

So, I think the class discussions thus far have been going fairly well. There much fewer silences between questions today, or maybe I just thought that because my group wasn’t leading the discussion, so it wasn’t on us. I think summarizing and asking questions about the reading is the best way to go, although there haven’t really been any alternatives to compare it to.

Moving on to talk about the research paper, I’ve written the draft to my draft so I have something basic to work with at the moment, but I still have to go through more of my notes and see where I can add to my arguments. The thesis of my paper is basically that there were a lot of factors that caused the reformation, and that the desire for divorce was not the prime factor. Also, if anyone happens to be reading this that wasn’t in class today, our research paper is now due on the 16th instead of the 14th.

Okay, well good luck to the final discussion group on Friday, and good luck on everyones research paper!


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Chronology of my life.

Chronology of my life:

®    February 6, 1988- I was born in Woodbridge, Virginia

®    First summer and Christmas in Massachusetts, followed by every summer and Christmas after that (where my family is originally from and where most are still living today)

®    August 1, 1989- My brother, Bobby, was born.

®    December 22, 1991- My brother, Matthew, was born.

®    I attended Dale City elementary school for grades K-3.

®    In second grade, I made my first communion.

®    The summer between third and fourth grade, my family moved from Dale City to Manassas where I attended Thurgood Marshall Elementary for grades 4 and 5.

®    I attended Parkside Middle School in sixth grade.

®    A new middle school opened closer to my house, I attended Benton Middle for grades seven and eight.

®    2001- I made my confirmation.

®    November 2001, I broke my wrist and had to wear a cast through Christmas.

®    I attended Osbourn Park High School for grades 9-12.

®    August 2003 (summer before tenth grade) – Got my permit

®    May 2004 (end of tenth grade)- Got my drivers license

®    June 2005 (summer between eleventh and twelfth grade) – Traveled to Europe (Italy and Greece) with students and teachers from my AP European history class. This is where I got very close with my group of friends through senior year and to the present.  

®    April 2006- I decided to attend the University of Mary Washington

®    June 2006- Graduation from Osbourn Park High School

®    June 2006- Stayed at a Lake house in Lake Gaston for a week with some of my friends after Graduation.

®    July 21, 2006- Went to preview at Mary wash and met my roommate for the first time.

®    August 23, 2006- Moved in to the dorm and started college.

®    May 2007- Hired to work at the freedom center over the summer. For the first half of the summer I worked in kid care and for the second half I worked in a preschool camp.

®    July 2007- Went on a short vacation with roomie to Bethany Beach Delaware.

®    August 2007- Moved in early to start Orientation Leader training and help the new freshmen arrive to campus.

®    …which brings us the present- taking history 299 (among other courses), doing my work, and waiting for Thanksgiving/Christmas break

I chose to include these events because they seemed like the most basic and important milestones in my life. I did not want to make it too long and include all the details about everything I did in high school (which is what I would be able to talk about in more detail since it is the more recent past) because then it would feel like I am writing a resume. The events in the beginning of my life are less detailed and most basic because I do not remember everything, or exactly when it happened.

I feel that chronologies are important to historical narratives because they provide a framework in which to place important events or periods in ones life. The chronology itself may tell us a lot about a person or provide insight as to why something is being written. If a chronology were being written in regards to how one chose a career, then the events that one would chose to include would be different than if it were being written to show the different places one has traveled throughout his life. If it is a private chronology, there may be more personal events or emotions included. In addition, one may be able to use a chronology to figure out why someone acted or felt the way they did at a certain time. It can be used to compare the events of one particular life in relation to the events of what is going on at that time period in general (for example it may be a time during a war or particular rights movement). Chronologies can provide a lot of insight when looking at personal narratives.

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once a week?

So, now that we are all fully aware that we are supposed to be posting once a week (although I don’t know if that includes the postings that are chosen on the syllabus or not), this is what I’ve got for the week.

I typed up an outline for the four minute presentation and have so far practiced it a couple of times, however it’s about six minutes long, so I have to fix that, because I don’t want to fail. I also made an appointment with the writing center and the speaking center to get both of those out of the way. For the speech though, I have explanations in the intro and conclusion, but they sandwich what I feel like is mostly a listing of secondary source after secondary source, so that I can talk about enough of them (is there a min. or max. of sources we need to discuss?), but I don’t know if that’s right.

Well anyways, I’ll work on that this week and my presentation isn’t until Friday. Good luck to everyone going tomorrow! Hopefully you all get A’s.


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The Truth Comes Out.

The second story that I had written was in fact true. This past summer when we went on vacation my mom sliced her foot open on a rock, or shell, or a piece of glass, or something when she hit the bottom of the lake. The first story is false. I did move ten years ago but it was not from Connecticut, it was only about 15 or 20 minutes down the road. My family is however from Massachusetts, so we make the drive up the east coast on 95 very frequently and you can indeed get to Connecticut traveling on 95 in somewhere between six and seven hours because it only takes us nine to get all the way up to Massachusetts. So, thats how I based my time estimate.

But, good job everyone who guessed correctly!

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