I feel I have learned a lot throughout the semester. I definitely feel more comfortable with the Chicago style of citation, which will be very helpful as I continue taking classes in the history major. I am a lot more aware of the variety of sources that are available when doing historical research. Prior to this class most of the sources I used came from the internet and I never needed more than ten so there was no reason to look elsewhere. Additionally, my note taking skills have definitely improved. For the first time in writing a research paper, I actually kept organized notes in zotero (which is pretty amazing, by the way) instead of having endless posted notes scattered throughout books. Overall, I really enjoyed this class and feel much more prepared now that I know what to expect in 485, though the decision on a new topic will probably still be difficult.

So, what do I wish I had known before this class? It may have been useful to have an idea of what this class was before I took it, and then I could have started thinking of a topic ahead of time. All I really knew when I signed up for the class was that it was something I had to take, so I should probably get it over with. Other than that, I don’t think there is anything else that would have been helpful to know ahead of time because the whole point of the class was to introduce us to what historians do and what is available and useful in conducting significant research. If we had known more going into the class then it seems that would defeat the whole purpose.

Well, it was fun getting to know everyone! Good luck in 485,